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Raise the bar for fathers

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Men are called to be the leaders of their families. We have the ability to set the tone for our families health and future. We often neglect the opportunity and responsibility because we fall prey to false truths and our own weak flesh.

These false truths come from many directions like media, peers, spouses, perception and self-image. Most media portrays fathers as clueless, lazy and selfish. Our peers and spouses often buy into that portrayal as do we and then exacerbate it by calling out or expecting those characteristics. On top of this insufficient and poor representation of fathers, we also maintain a negative perception of ourselves, our circumstances, our marriage and our potential. With all of these factors setting a tone and path for lackluster fatherhood, we fall into apathy and laziness. We throw in the towel and live out the portrayal that has been laid before us.

This pathetic excuse for fatherhood is no longer acceptable. As a teacher and father, I see day in and day out the negative effects of disconnected I engaged fathers. Their children suffer, their marriages fall apart and the life that fathers have been called to diminishes.

It’s time to raise the bar and write a new story for fathers. It’s time for us as fathers to believe and live out Gods vision for fatherhood and family.

We are told to be the head of our household. That means to lead with God-given wisdom. Take charge of the future of your family. With wisdom, discernment, and communion with your wife, lead with confidence and authority.

We are told to love our wives as Christ loved the church. He was crucified for the church and in the midst of his suffering he asked for forgiveness for the murderers….. what sacrifices are you making for your marriage?

We are told to discipline our children. We need to raise up our children in the word of God and under the authority of our leadership. Discipline should be implemented with a firm love. This often takes more time and effort but will lead to an understanding and discipline. We need to take the time to give our kids clear expectations with clear consequences. Then comes the hard part, stick to what you said. When those lines are crossed, implement the consequence with a clear explanation of why you are doing it A+B =C.

Let’s raise the bar for fathers everywhere. #strengthenfathers